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The Mind of Femme

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

COMING SOON : A new platform that explores news and conversations women care about.

Introducing The Mind of Femme - a new initiative that is committed to increasing the visibility of women in Australia (and abroad) who are capturing our attention through their determination to drive change in the world as we know it.

The Mind of Femme aims to become a national institution, widely regarded for our agenda-setting, authoritative journalism, covering news and conversations, bespoke events and all things that matter to women.

We explore a collection of themes women care about such as; style and power to culture and identity - to make her feel more understood and less alone.

In essence, The Mind of Femme can mean whatever you want it to mean: perhaps it’s a shoulder to cry on, or a caffeine jolt on a lazy day.

One thing is for sure, The Mind of Femme is more than just a website.

COMING SOON Be inspired

Join the community today and let us keep you informed with the issues that matter - to women.

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