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Where there's an interest in fashion, never underestimate one's intellect. 


The Mind of Femme explores themes women care about from a place of openness and humour and with the conviction that an interest in the latest handbag doesn’t minimise one’s intellect.

Join us and our trailblazing guests for intimate, off-the-cuff discussions about culture, beauty, business and owning who you are.


With some of the biggest, boldest and most influential people discussing heartfelt and hilarious issues that really matter. The Mind of Femme aims to become an institution, widely regarded for our agenda-setting content, podcasts, corporate programs, bespoke events and all things that matter to women.

The Mind of Femme - is a new initiative that is committed to increasing the visibility of women in Australia (and abroad) who are capturing our attention through their determination to drive change in the world as we know it.

The Mind of Femme aims to become a leading voice that connects you to the themes women care about - to make her feel more understood and less alone. 


So, what does The Mind of Femme mean? It can mean whatever you want it to mean: perhaps it’s a shoulder to cry on, or a caffeine jolt on a lazy day.

One thing is for sure, The Mind of Femme is more than just a website.

The Mind of Femme brings together some of Australia’s most inspiring minds to share their inspiration, innovation and empowering experiences.

The Mind of Femme gives you access to these remarkable change makers through innovative features, conversations and bespoke events.




What if runway shows had a purpose beyond clothes?

available soon 


In Focus

Powerhouse women behind some of Australia's great brands

available soon 



Insider: What does it mean to have a
40-something body?

available soon 

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